Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, voici Toastmaster Tharyoh Dynamic dynamic votre compère pour tous les événements que je couvre les anniversaires et tous les événements publics mon site web est numbers de contact +447448621803 mon site web est

Otunba Omotayo Tharyoz” began public speech quite young as a newscaster in his school years.

Even as a young man he was funny, witty and the life of the party.

Today, from Chicago to North Carolina and beyond, he will thrill you to bits as he takes control of your weddings, birthdays, burials and celebratory events with a professional and unique style that is truly his.

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“I hope this meets you well. This is just to express our utmost gratitude for your performance at our wedding on Dec 28, 2018. Toastmaster Tharyoh Dynamic anchored our wedding in Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. He performed in front of 1000 guests. It was indeed a day to remember. Your support and communication throughout the planning period were amazing. We appreciate your good work. Thank you and God bless.”

Temi and Larry king


Tharyoz Weddings


Using he’s or her experience and professional manner, the toastmaster co-ordinates events to guarantee this special day unfolds just as you planned, by supporting the wedding party…

Tharyoz Corporate


Corporate events Ayodeji Olufosoye, has handled numerous of corporate events as a toastmaster, he has credited himself as the best toastmaster in producing and organizing these events…

Tharyoz Social


Social events with Ayodeji Olufosoye, don’t we all love a social gathering? where it be with friends and family or maybe just some colleagues, whether it be a dress up or just an ordinary social event…

Tharyoz Traditional


A professional toastmaster is engaged to ensure that the traditional event has been the best relaxed and memorable day without having to worry or concern for the order and timing of events…